Taper Roller Bearings

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Tapered roller bearings feature a cup and cone assembly. The cup is comprised of the outer ring and the cone assembly consists of inner ring, rollers, and cage. This bearing construction accommodates combined loads and provides low friction during operation.Tapered roller bearings typically have a running-in period, during which a conventional design tapered roller bearing experiences a significant amount of friction, resulting in wear. This effect is noticed as a temperature spike . With tapered roller bearing designs, friction, wear and frictional heat are significantly reduced.


Single row tapered roller bearings are designed to accommodate combined loads, i.e. simultaneously acting radial and axial loads. The projection lines of the raceways meet at a common point on the bearing axis  to provide a true rolling action and therefore low frictional moments during operation.


Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
NSK 6308du Bearing 320 mm 5300 kN 2860 kN 9 mm
45mm x 85mm x 20.75mm Timken 30209-timken Taper Roller Bearings 250 N/mm² 3.06 mm 500 mm 100 mm
45mm x 85mm x 20.75mm QBL 30209-qbl Taper Roller Bearings 152.4 mm 20.637 mm 12.3 kg 158 kN
25mm x 52mm x 19.25mm Koyo 32005xa-koyo Taper Roller Bearings 45 mm 243.000 kN 100 mm 11.050 kN
SKF 30208j2/q-skf Taper Roller Bearings 4500 rpm 2.00 mm 102000 N 114000 N
1.024inch x 2.047inch x 0.7578inch QBL 32005/26-qbl Taper Roller Bearings 65.000 mm 4300 rpm 17400 N Two Seals
0.787inch x 1.6535inch x 0.59inch QBL 32004-qbl Taper Roller Bearings 30700 N 13000 rpm 72.0000 mm 10000 rpm
25mm x 52mm x 19.25mm Timken 32005-timken Taper Roller Bearings 0.5938 in ZMaRC 1.2813 in 2520 lbf
20mm x 42mm x 15mm NTN 32004xa-ntn Taper Roller Bearings 145.39 mm 110 mm 110.185 mm 2.95 kg
20mm x 42mm x 15mm Timken 32004x-timken Taper Roller Bearings 70.5 mm Triple-lip seals 28 mm 0.8 kg
26mm x 52mm x 19.25mm NTN 32005/26-ntn Taper Roller Bearings 25.000 mm 8000 rpm 22.20 mm 11000 rpm
0.984inch x 2.047inch x 0.7578inch QBL 32005-qbl Taper Roller Bearings 122000 N 8000 rpm 100.0000 mm 124000 N